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Say Hi to Helios

Helios is a Maya utility that will speed up your workflow by allowing you to execute hundreds of commands just by typing them.


Execute Maya commands by typing them.

Helios comes with hundreds of pre-built python commands. Not only can you create objects, you will also be able to open windows such as the UV Editor, the Outliner or enter any Maya tool (Multi Cut Tool, Create Polygonal Tool...). There are more than 500 commands included by default with Helios.

Custom commands included

Helios comes with some commands which were built specifically to save you time. These commands are not available by default in Maya and are small python scripts that will help you work faster.

Some of the custom commands included are:

  • Fill Selection.
  • Move Pivot to Selected Vertices.
  • Create Joints from Locators.
  • Snap Object to Center of the World.


Make Helios work the way you want

You can make Helios yours and custom it to your needs.
Each command is its own python script so it's really easy to add more commands and customize existing ones.

. Download and Installation

You can download Helios via Gumroad:

To install Helios, just follow the instructions in the doc:

. Help

If you want to learn more about Helios, please do read the help:

. Coming Soon

  • More custom commands (I'm more than open to suggestions).
  • Command Creator GUI.

. Contact us

If  you happen to experience any issue or have questions concerning the installation of Helios, ideas about commands that could be added or features that I should add, feel free to drop me a line:

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