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Error when creating Houdini Digital Asset

I've recently came upon a strange problem in Houdini and I spent quite some time finding the solution so I thought I would post it here. I was making a HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) for Mantra but after finishing the asset I wasn't able to create it in the Network View anymore as you can see in the video below.

After comparing this faulty asset with a working one I found out that some lines of codes were missing making the user unable to create the node.

1. As you can't add your HDA in the Network View you'll have to install it using the "Install Asset Library..." menu.

2. Then you have to "Allow Editing of Contents" of your digital assets, go to "Type Properties" and in the "Tools" > "Scripts" tab, add the following lines of code:

import drivertoolutils

drivertoolutils.genericTool(kwargs, '$HDA_NAME')

3. Save your HDA and now you should be able to create it in the Network View =)