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10 Sublime Text productivity shortcuts


In this post I share with you my top 10 shortcuts I use to increase my productivity when using Sublime Text.

1. Select all occurrences of a word

Alt + F3

It's faster than using Ctrl + F. Just select a word then hit Alt + F3 and there you go, everything on your current sublime text document is selected.

2. Increment/Decrement numbers

Ctrl + Up/Down

You don't have to select anything, just put your cursor where your number is and then use the shortcut key.

4. Duplicate a line

Ctrl + Shift + D

Once again, you're saving many clicks. With this shortcut you don't have to select a line then copy and paste it, just hit Ctrl + Shift + D and voilà!

5. Comment / Block Comment

Ctrl + / and Ctrl + Shift + /

With these shortcuts you can quickly comment/un-comment a line or a block of code.

6. Select content between quotes

Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar

Just place your cursor inside text surrounded by quotes and it will select everything (quotes included). Very handy!

7. Select content between parenthesis

Ctrl + Shift + M

Same as above, but for parenthesis. Really useful when working with languages such as Python.

8. Select content with same indentation level

Ctrl + Shift + J

Use this shortcut when for example you want to select all content inside a div container, or everything being executed inside a loop.

9. Paste and keep indentation

Ctrl + Shift + V

I spent so many time pasting text and having to redo all the indentation that was messed up. With this shortcut the indentation will be the same as the text you copied. Nice!

10. Indent/un-indent multiple lines

Ctrl + [  and Ctrl + ]

Sometimes you have to copy a block of code into Sublime Text and all the indentation is gone. With these two shortcuts you can quickly indent/un-indent multiple lines of code at once.


Many of these Sublime Text shortcuts are really useful, however I find them hard to reach sometimes (Ctrl + Shift + J or Ctrl + Shift + M for example). Therefore I would suggest you to remap these Sublime Text shortcuts to keys closer to the Ctrl and Shift keys.

You can also find a complete list of Sublime Text shortcuts on